Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Cake

Last week I read a book called "You Can Make Happy Cake" with my guided reading group. There was an actual recipe to make the cake in the book, so I told the kids we could make it the next day if they were really good for me during the lesson and read their best. So we got to make it in the staff room the next day! The kids loved it! They thought it was so fun to get out of class and make something in the staff room. We made the chocolate cake first, and then we frosted it. Ngun Di cut out pieces of paper to make the face, and then Xavier sprinkled powdered sugar on top. He put so much on! ...I guess that's what I get for letting a 9 year old boy have a whole thing of sugar. :) Then we finally pulled off the pieces of paper to reveal the happy face!

Here are Milton and Patsy putting the eyes on the cake.
Patsy, Xavier, Milton
Ha ha Patsy wanted the boys to do a serious face with her...

Xavier (far right) reminds me so much of Jared!
When he smiles really big, he has the cutest dimples!

So sillyNgun Di had to leave early to go to her ESOL class,
but she came back just in time to eat cake!

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  1. I love that Happy little cake! Looks like the kids did to!
    HAndS DowN . . . if you were possibly 15 years older than me and quite possibly teaching at Jordan School District, You would have definitely been my favorite teacher! Woah, could you imagine teaching the kids that we grew up with? Bahaha! What a fun graduating class we had!