Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

Anna has the cutest kids! Of course, when you're working with 5 and 6 year olds, you are bound to get lots of interesting conversation. Here are some hilarious quotes from her kids:

  • During show and tell:
    • Ana: This is my pterodactyl. Pterodactyls were around ages and ages ago. They are really old. Does anyone have any questions?
    • Levi: Ummmmm, actually they were around during the 80s, not the 50s.
  • Levi: Did you know they have real baby dragonflies? They only breathe a little bit of fire. But in Australia they have big as dragonflies that breathe heaps and heaps of fire. That’s why I moved to New Zealand.
  • Another show and tell:
    • Benjamin: Good morning Room 21.
    • Class: Good morning, Benjamin. (this greeting actually happens ALL the time everywhere you go because it is "good oral language practice". It’s either “Good morning, Miss Wirthlin,” or “Kia Ora, Miss Wirthlin,” or “Good afternoon, Miss Wirthlin.” So polite, eh?)
    • Benjamin: This is my hankie. You go like this. (he proceeds to blow his nose real loud.) Any questions??
  • An overheard conversation:
    • Levi: I had electric shock one time.
    • Benjamin: Did you die?
    • Levi: No, it just hurt.
  • Anna read a book called "When Henry Had Imaginitis" and when she asked if anyone knew what "imagination" was, Levi raised his hand, took a deep breath and said: Katy Perry once said, "If you live within your imagination, you will get everything you want."
  • Ana: You can't ever see the Easter Bunny, eh?
    Levi: No, you can't. You have to stay asleep or God will come down and growl at you. You can't see God cause he's in the sky...I saw a picture of God once, so that means he's real
Here is a picture of cute Levi, who is quoted quite often:There's another little boy in Anna's class that has just stolen my heart. Selwyn Blade.
Exhibit A (on the left):
Here he is getting ready to swim in Swimming Sports that the school had last week.

Let me just tell you about Selwyn. He has the cutest dimples, is an expert at raising the eyebrows, and has the cheekiest little smile. Anyone know how Joey from Friends does the "How you doin?" nod? Yeah, Selwyn does that nod perfectly. The combination of the nod along with the eyebrows and the sly smile is enough to send me giggling like a little girl. He knows he can make me laugh so he always throws a smile at me whenever I look in his direction. I think I have a crush on a 6 year old. Creepy? Oh well. :)