Sunday, March 13, 2011

Richard Bitner Wirthlin...80!

This is my grandfather.
Richard and Jeralie on their 50th wedding anniversary

On Saturday night the entire Wirthlin family was together (aside from one cousin on the mish and another in CA) to celebrate my sweet grandfather's 80th birthday. Since being here in New Zealand I haven't missed the snow. I haven't missed the stress of classes, overload of papers, studying at least 6 hours everyday in the library, and exams in the testing center. I haven't missed awkward singles wards. I haven't missed the hurry and flurry of the American way of life that is so wonderfully lacking in the Kiwi culture. I have not felt that I was missing out on anything back at home until now. I so wish that I could have been there with my family; to all come together to celebrate the man that has had such significant impacts on every single one of our lives. But I sent my love across the ocean. Hey fam, did you get it? So even though I'm sure I missed out on a great party (it always is with the Wirthlins!), I wanted to take a minute to give my own celebration to my grandfather. Grandfather, I dedicate this blog post to you!

Happy 80th, Grandfather!

You've gained one more year! It's wonderful to think back on the years that you've had and all the wonderful things you've done to fill up these past 80 years. I am so proud of you and the things you have accomplished in your life. You have always put your heart and soul into your career, church callings, and family. I have been truly blessed and inspired by you. I am so proud to be your granddaughter! You have always put our family first. You lead our family with the power of the priesthood, with wisdom, and with such love. You are the patriarch of our family, and we all look to you
I'm so glad you have been a part of my life. When my memory takes me back to your house in McLean, I always remember my days spent with you. You would let me get up in the mornings with you to feed Pharaoh and give him his vitamins. I loved it when you would trust me enough to hold Pharaoh on the leash during walks. I loved reading books with you at night on the couch.
I have fond memories of you playing the piano during Christmas time. Me and the other cousins just love singing Christmas carols with you! Ha ha but I think I love our tickle fights the most...except when you would catch me, Lizzy, or Alexa and give us Indian rug burns!
Thank you for your constant love and support, Grandfather. Thank you for always making sure to be present in my life...during the holidays, for my birthdays, high school graduation, choir and dance performances, going to BYU games with me and've been there for it all. Thank you for loving Grandmother. It warms my heart to see the way you still treat her like the queen she is. I hope that my husband and I can someday be as cute as you and Grandmother.

I hope you had a great birthday party with all of the family. I'm sure it's been so fun to have all the little grandkids around again. Thanks for talking to me today on skype. It was so fun to see your face! Happy Birthday!


Alta graduation 2007

Yes, we have matching BYU snuggies!

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