Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last day at Colwill

I can't believe I am done with my second practicum. Last Tuesday we had an assembly and all the Colwill student teachers got certificates from our teachers. Here, one of the deputy principals is talking to the kids, explaining that we would be leaving soon. She told us that Colwill has loved having us and that we would be missed.

Thursday, our last day, was so fun! My class, along with the rest of the Harakeke team, took a field trip to Moire Park down the road. We walked to the park and did a big service clean-up project. My kids did a really good job working together to find rubbish and taking turns holding the rubbish bags.
Miss Chase giving instructions to all the students
Ha ha I love this picture more than anything!
Sai Hmo does such a good job following instructions.
Room 19 clean-up crew
Me and Elisa (Miss Patterson) in our matching vests. :)

After everyone finished cleaning up the park we had morning tea and took some time to play at the park. I had fun watching some of the boys play rugby on the field.
Cute Hatham climbing the rugby pole.
He shimmied up this thing just like a little monkey!
Joseph and Jethro
These boys are the best of friends

Later that day when we were back from the park, Miss Patterson had each of the kids take turns taking pictures outside with me. I got individual pictures with every single kid in the class. It was funny because all the girls loved taking a picture with me; they would put their arms around me and lay their heads against me as Elisa took the picture. But the boys... ha ha they were too cool to hug Miss Wirthlin. They would take a picture with me, but they would stand a few inches away from me. I had to bring them in close for a good picture. I wasn't offended because I know deep down they're really going to miss me too. :) I had kids, both boys and girls, asking me all day if this was really the last time I was going to be at the school and/or telling me they were going to miss me. I had some students even come to school with presents and cards for me (even kids that I didn't have in my class!). It was so sweet! At the end of the day I gathered the kids in a circle on the mat. I brought lollies for the kids to have, and Miss Patterson had them all go around and say OGT (one good thing) that they had to say about having me in their classroom the last 6 weeks. Then, Elisa brought a present she'd prepared from her and the kids. It was a beautiful picture of a koru made out of paua shells. Elisa is so sweet! I was touched. There were lots of high fives and hugs given as the kids ran home after the bell rang to let school let out. It kills me that I won't get to see these kids grow up. I won't be there to see who they become and which roads they take in life. I love each one of them, and I will never forget the experiences I had at Colwill with them.
I miss these kids so much already!

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  1. bean those kids are so adorable! i love how they say things like 'fast as' and lollie and rubbish. so darling! i'm sorry you only have a few days left (but not that sorry because that means i get to see you soon!) enjoy the rest of nz!