Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Play Ball!

Today during morning tea, the teachers took on some of the 7/8 students in a friendly game of softball. Ha ha actually, at times it moved a little bit away from "friendly". Some of the male teachers really got into the game, and it was pretty intense. But so fun! The younger kids got to watch on the sidelines. Some even made posters to cheer on the two different teams. Final score: teachers-11 students-2. After the game, so many of the students (and students I don't even have in my class) came up to me telling me they saw me hitting the ball on my turns. I even got a few compliments on my running..."You ran fast as, Miss!" Ha ha why, thank you. I love all the kids' "as" quotes. "As" is used to describe something that's really extreme; they use it in their comparisons. Ex: Sweet as, fun as, funny as, scary as, mad as, big as, late as...it's entertaining to hear them thrown into conversations by kids and adults alike.

Go Colwill teachers!
Getting ready to bat...look at that face of concentration. :)
Miss Hobson
You can see the crowd of kids watching across the way.

Mr. Chand
Go teachers!
Swing, Heidi!
We really got into the game. :)
Here's Mr. Vega, or Santi. He was hilar!
He was sooo serious about this game and making sure we beat his 7/8 kids.

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