Saturday, March 19, 2011

Auckland Skytower

Yesterday our group had brunch at the top of the Skytower. Before we ate we went to the observatory, which is right below the restaurant, and had a look at the beautiful city. We were so high! There were parts of the floor that were glass so that you could look at the sidewalk straight below you. It made me feel kind of sick and dizzy to look down for too long, and walking over that glass made me so nervie! There's a Skytower Drop that you can do there. It's not like bungy jumping, it's more of a sustained drop that they do. Well, we could look out the observatory windows and watch people fall 629 feet. Craaaaazzzzy!
The restaurant at the top is so cool. It slowly revolves 360 degrees within the space of an hour so you can get a complete view of the city from all directions. It took us a little over 2 1/2 hours to finish eating! Ha ha 1. there were 19 of us in the group (Bro. Jacobs' sister was with us) and 2. we had a full on 3 course meal with dessert and everything. It was so fancy! For an appetizer I chose their handmade ciabatta bread. I had no idea they were going to bring me a mini loaf! So much bread! My table all ordered different desserts so we could all share and taste the different choices. The peanut and cherry parfait and the pavlova were the best.Reflection of the Skytower in one of the buildings across the street. Cool, eh?Displayed feet: Jess, me, Janet

...It's a looong way down!
Heidi, me, and Jess

(Harbor Bridge in background)
Jess, me, Heidi, Nicole, EmilyView from the top. You can see Rangitoto Island in the distance.
Eating lunch with Nancy and Neeley

I ordered this ciabatta bread for my appetizer...
and ended up with this WHOLE loaf!

Yummy yummy desserts!

Here's a little video I took while we were in the observatory
to give you more of an idea of what it was like up there:

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  1. That looks super fancy! That video made me miss your voice! Glad you are having so much fun! Love yah Beaner! Don't be to crazy. The view was gorgeous by the by. How's your accent coming? You're probably pretty much full kiwi by now, eh?