Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ngun Di got her ears pierced!

Lithera, Ngun Di, Tatiana

Doesn't she look so cute?! Ngun Di is one of my year 5 (I know, right?! Hard to believe she's almost 10!) girls from Burma. As you can see, she's itsy bitsy! She came into class today and was all smiles when I noticed her newly pierced ears and raved about them. :) They really do look nice and make the girl look somewhat more her age.
Today was my second observation. I made Jess take pictures for me. :) I taught a short Maths warmup. We played a game. The game is called Traffic Light. I had a number in my head and the kids had to try and guess what it was. On the board I had a chart with number spaces for the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands places. When the kids guessed a number I placed the numbers in the correct corresponding columns. I put a green circle around a number if it's the right number in the right spot; a red dot next to the number if it's the wrong spot, wrong number; a blue dot if it's the right number, but the wrong place. While practicing their place value, the kids also use their logical reasoning to progressively guess my "mystery number".
The kids were WONDERFUL for me! Even Taiaha, who is a constant struggle every day, was so well behaved on the mat and participated beautifully the whole time. I made one mistake once during the warm up. Anton caught it for me. Ha ha I was kind of embarrassed when I realized what I'd done, but I just shook it off and laughed at myself. I praised and thanked Anton so much for using his thinking and catching that for me. The kids love it when they can correct the teacher. :)
I love how all the kids raise just their one pointer finger instead of their whole hand.

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  1. You are the cutest teacher I have ever seen! :)