Thursday, March 10, 2011

My little kiwis

I haven't had much time to take my camera out and take pictures of my kids, but I decided to whip it out last Thursday. As soon as any of the kids would spy the camera in my hand they would jump in front of me yelling, "Take a picture of me!" Sorry, it's kind of an over load of pictures, but they make me so happy. I love these kids so much, and I'm going to be sad when I have to leave them in 2 weeks. A lot of these pictures have a mix of the different age groups. The different years always mix really well. A lot of the kids have really close siblings, so all the kids hang out together. There's definitely a close community-type feel at Colwill. The school is split into different teams. The teams aren't grouped by year level; each team is a combination of different years. For example, my team (Harekeke team), is made up of year 4/5, 7/8, 1/2, and 2/3 classes. So when my class goes out to do fitness, swimming, or PE skills we always go with Miss Hoggan's class (years 2/3) or Miss Khan's class (years 1/2). It's so fun to see the older kids play and work on the same team as the little ones. The bigger kids really do look out for the younger kids. It's great.

So here are some sweet faces that just can't help but make you least they make me smile every day. :)

Sai Hmo (right) is Ngun Di's little brother. He is just the cutest thing!
He reminds me of a little monkey haha. This is what happens when I take out my camera...
kids scrambling over each other to get in the picture.
Hatham and Jibreel.
Jibreel is in my class. Aren't they such cute brothers?

Eman and Ardalan.
Ardalan is in my class. He has another sister, Payman, who is a year 6. I'm working on getting a sibling picture with all three of them together. Their little family is from Iraq, and their English is so good!Tatiana and AlexiaMatthew's family is in the Massey ward with meMorning tea eating
Hatham, I just love you. Can I take you home with me?
My kids doing flutter board on front during swimming.
Flutter board on back.
Anna is always in charge of teaching swimming to her years 1/2. She was holding a hula hoop here and having the kids swim through. She was getting splashed so much! I had to document. Too funny. :)
Softball after swimming with Miss Hoggan's class.
Girl playing backstop? Nope, it's Hatham. :) He was so cute with his hard hat over his school hat...and then he just looked like a girl from the back with his long hair. A lot of the Maori boys keep their hair short, except for a bit of hair they keep in the back. I've never seen such extreme rats tails as here, in New Zealand!
Alexia, Tatiana, Taupiri (I've already decided to give one of my daughters the name Taupiri. I love it.)

Ha ha Sharon and Patsy loved playing with my camera.

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